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Emily - Manitoba Friendly Story

“Well it was summer last year. It was a very windy and cold summer day. I was walking home and I came across this poor pigeon on the sidewalk, with like a super broken wing - or I don’t know what was wrong with it but it really wasn’t ok and I could tell it wasn’t gonna make it..."

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Heather - Manitoba Friendly Story

“So our neighbours from home, I don’t even know how to describe them but our neighbours from home, like in Thompson growing up - I call them my Aunt and Uncle. They’re like a second family..."

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Maureen - Manitoba Friendly Story

“It’s like 1991, so that's, how many years ago? 30 years ago! and this is like when I was 17 years old. My first job was working as a newspaper reporter for the Manitoba Beaver - legitimately the name of it - in Beausejour. I had to drive up to Pinawa to interview a young musician..."

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Dick - Manitoba Friendly Story

  -"Got this email from my brother (Dick) sharing an experience he had the other day, with the temperature hovering around 32+oC.  He and his wife live in their country home, just northeast of Pinawa, Manitoba and continues even today, to heat his home with a fireplace:   Not much exciting going on here...  We are following Public Health orders and chatting with our neighbours, each from our sides of our property line.  Most exciting event to report is my annual firewood delivery of two cords of Oak.  Was stacking them in the woodshed an hour at a time.  First time I’ve bought Oak. That wood is VERY Heavy.  Was resting from 20 wheelbarrows of firewood, when suddenly I see my neighbours...

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AJ - Manitoba Friendly Story

“So basically the story is there is this young lady, she's maybe 26 or 27. She’s a student at the University of Manitoba, and she is from Vietnam. She has been in Manitoba for the last 3 or 4 years. She is married and her husband is back home in Vietnam. While she was studying here they had a baby, and long story short my wife basically became her nanny. Her husband has a textile factory back home, he employs 100 or 200 people, they sell T-shirts and everything. So she thought while she was in school to make some money she decided she would start to sell masks - it was blowing up here when [masks] went mandatory in...

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